G4 Snap-Sleeve™ bearing System

The Dicar G4 Snap-Sleeve™ system is a die cut bearing upgrade. Improve your diecutting quality and make cover rotation a lot faster and easier. The Dicar Snap-Sleeve™ principle is used in the innovative Die Cut Bearing Upgrade and brings a new level of ease-of-use and efficiency to your die cutting station. With the new patented Snap-Sleeve™ you can remove just 1 section of the individual bearing sections and move all other sections over to the other side. This makes installation and mounting a lot easier. The “split bearing” design accommodates thermal expansion to maintain consistent cover mounting. The short change-over time allows your operators to change over in between jobs and assure a consistent surface at all time. Rotating your covers is a must to achieve a regular cover surface at all time. Our Bearing systems allows you to do so in seconds.
Dicar Snap-on Emba bearing upgrade close-up

Dicar Snap-on Emba bearing upgrade close-up



  • New patented “Snap Sleeve” bearing design
  • Uses standard covers with a hidden finger system like the Dicar A2R covers
  • Allows removal of individual bearing segments for efficiency and ease of use
  • Ideal for ‘Side Set’ machines
  • Split bearing design accommodates thermal expansion for consistent and easy mounting
  • Bearings slide along cylinder for easy rotation
  • Operator can install covers from one location and slide them into place
  • Also ideal as a retrofit on Emba’s with a bearing system!


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Dicar Snap-on system installation on Emba 170 from Dicar BV on Vimeo.

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